Case Study

Scaling Quickly and, achieving 398% growth with first rides

The Partner: Cabify

Cabify is one of the world’s most popular rideshare services, having a footprint in 90 cities across 11 countries and eight years on the marketplace. Cabify ensures that users get the finest and safest cab rides possible.

The Obstacle

The brand started with a fixed payout system that only paid for conversions (CPA), but as we progressed—and the strategy was successful—the fixed budget limited growth opportunities because the fixed CPA only allowed for a certain number of conversions.

We recommended our programmatic option intended for scalability, when the client sought to scale its campaigns and was interested in testing channels. The programmatic platform environment was the ideal solution for everyone wishing to better scale audiences and traffic.

The Technique

Thanks to a dCPM strategy, Cabify was able to buy its inventories with complete transparency. We started with the base algorithm, then after some time, we constructed an exclusive algorithm using data from Cabify's own campaigns, combining the highest performing factors for Cabify.

Purchasing a dCPM model and implementing a customized algorithm proved critical in growing volume, while cutting expenses and optimizing for the client's objectives.

Target Key Areas Achieved

398 percent growth in first-ride ratio

We were able to open marketplaces in new geographies

The CPA dropped by about 31%