Why Intelify Ads Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

One Of Lowest Industry Cost Per Impression CPM (no middle points of contact passing the savings to the customer)

50+ Ad Exchanges (99%+ of public Inventory Access)

Intelligent Forecasting Tool (In-depth abilities as deep as hourly impressions available) Including Which Ad Exchange To Use.

Accurate Reporting Dashboard (Real Metrics, no more guessing what your true media spend is)

Granular Targeting Campaigns and Line Items

Geo Fencing

Intelligent Machine Learning

By utilizing our machine learning engine, you will improve marketing outcomes intelligently. Choose between algorithmic as well as machine learning enhancement, which analyzes data from more than 30 campaign factors to optimize toward a certain objective. To boost performance, our engine will help you make wise, optimal selections. You can accomplish more at scale with our machine learning engine’s robust performance automation.

Hyper-Local Geo Fencing

Target users in real time with sophisticated geo-fencing tools that let you choose precise positions on a map, import street addresses, or target locations by category. Create audiences of people who have visited a specific area, address, or category.

Cross-Device Tracking and Targeting

With cross-device targeting and monitoring, you can reach people across various touchpoints, attribute conversions to the right device, and dive down into performance statistics.

Brand Protection

Brand protection is something we take very seriously. We are able to monitor and prohibit fraudulent behavior throughout Intelify Ads DSP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by collaborating with the industry’s best brand safety suppliers and deploying a combination of human and technical techniques.


With Intelify Ads DSP, you can manage omni-channel campaigns spanning mobile, video, display, audio, connected TV, native, search, and social. You’ll provide your customers a smooth and integrated experience.

HTML5 Support

Use a third-party ad tag or upload HTML5 zip files straight into Intelify Ads. HTML5 functionality is included into Intelify Ads, unlike other DSPs.